interested in appearing from “within” which develops out of behaviours of liveness and hospitality, where practice is research and research is practice, and the conversation, the diary, the invitation, daily habits and the lament hold contingent relations. Whilst asking the question who do we address, who is the work for, and how do we turn the spectator into a visitor and then a guest?



Current          Ph.D. Candidate (Arts & Humanities) Royal College of Art, London, UK

2015 -2017     MA Photography Royal College of Art, London, UK

2011 -2014     BA Photography, University of the Arts, London, UK



Solo Exhibitions


2020-2021 Attendance(s) Close to the Close, Daily Practice, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Two-Person Exhibitions


2019           Your Head, Mind w/Luli Perez, Chisenhale Art Place, London, UK

                   Pendre la Crémaillère (Housewarming) w/ Jean Feline, Light Eye Mind, London, UK

                   The Social w/Jean Feline, Chisenhale Art Place, London, UK

2018           FALLEN w/ Adam Glibbery, Studio Riverlight, London, UK

                   INHALE w/ Adam Glibbery, Filet, London, UK


Group Shows


2021           Performing Dawns, Hoxton Gallery, London, UK

2020          RIEN N’AURA EU LIEU (Nothing will have taken place) curated by Margaux Bonopera, Pop Arles, France

2019           Rehearsing the Real, Peckham24, London, UK

                   You, Me and Everybody Else, One Room Gallery, London, UK

                   The Same Tendency, Summer Hall Place, Edinburgh, UK

2018           Adventitious Encounters, Open Space Contemporary, London, UK

                   DO IT! Domestic, Lødz, Poland

                   Ariadne, Dyson Gallery, London

                   Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Berlin Bienniale, Berlin, Germany

2017           Lost Senses curated by Linda Rocco, Guest Projects, London, UK

                   Histoire Naturelle curated by Margaux Bonopera, Montvalent Arts Festival, Montvalent, France

                   Show 2017, Royal College of Art, London, UK

                   The Dose makes the Poison, Carousel, London, UK

                   The Readers, tête, Berlin, UK

                   Near Sighted, P.P.S, London, UK

2016           Cuticle, Diaspore Project Space, London, UK

                   One Life, Live Well, Team Titanic & Gully Havoc, Berlin, Germany





2021            Pogo Bar Podcast, KW, Berlin, Germany

                    In/En Acting Roles, LaValle, Brussels, Belgium (forthcoming)

2020           An Unfinished History of Glass pt 1 & 2, Artists and Allies, Berlin, DE

                   Call and Response, NAFAE, London, UK

                   Long Table: Lament, South London Gallery, London, UK

                   The Conch, curated by Cédric Fauq, South London Gallery, London, UK

                   Open Space Contemporary Launch, Swiss Church, London, UK

2019           Solitary Pleasures, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2018           Orlando Journal #3 Launch, The Horse Hospital, London, UK

                   Syntropic Surfaces, Hamburg Photo Triennial, Hamburg, Germany

                   Syntropic Surfaces, Parallel Platform, Lisbon, Portugal

                   Lethe, A Corner With, London, UK

2017           I’ll be more social tomorrow, Chalton Gallery, London, UK

                   Bapor Tabo(o), Inventory Platform, London, UK

                   Surrounding 12, Bunker Club, London, UK

2016           Paper, Performance, Publication, Lychee One, London, UK


Selected Writing


2020          High Tides im Eiscafé, Baby w/ Paula Linke, Galerie in der Wassermühle Trittau, Hamburg, Germany

                   An Unfinished History of Glass, Prova Research Journal, UK

                   To say something when there is so little to say, Open Space Contemporary Online, UK

                   Sociality in the time of Grief, Still Point Journal, UK

2019           Sam Williams at SMH AGM, Fad Magazine, UK

2018           In which silence commands space, VO Curations, London, UK

                   Ecstatic Body, Orlando Journal #3, London, UK

                   Howie Street Quadruplet, Everyday Press, London, UK

                   Static, The N.O.N, Online Journal for Contemporary Writing, Berlin, DE

                   The Poetics of Self HelpIAAC (International Art Awards for Criticism), UK & China

                   Perpetual Inventory, Offline Press, London, UK

                   The Man with the Midas Touch, GAIA Art Foundation, London, UK

2017           The Double, Double, Spectrum Artists Moving Image Network, London, UK

                   Seamless Territories, Blyth Gallery, London, UK

                   Faith and Trust, Feeling Lost Journal, Northampton, UK

                   Modo de Usar & Co, Brazil

2016           Cabaret Wittgenstein, Berlin, DE




2020          Visiting Professor, Vilinius Academy of Arts, Vilinius, Lithuania

                   Visiting Lecturer, Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK

                   Visiting Lecturer, Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK

                   Visiting Lecturer, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2019           Visiting Lecturer, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK

                   Workshop Lead, Chisenhale Studios, 2019 (Writing Workshop), London, UK

2018           Visiting Lecturer, RCA, London UK

2017           Visiting Lecturer, London College of Communication UAL, London, UK




2021           PINK, Manchester, UK (forthcoming)

                   Mahler Lewitt, Spoletto, Italy (forthcoming)

2019           Chisenhale Studios, London, UK


Joshua Leon  © 2020